Window Cleaners in Sydney

If you are seeking to clean up your glass or windows after a renovation, it would be good to enlist the services of a professional window cleaner.

Our tradesmen usually do a basic clean quite well but we also enlist a professional window cleaning service where need be. SWC Sydney Window Cleaning are our choice window cleaners. They offer a residential and commercial service up to five-stories. Prompt, reliable and competent, they come highly recommended. The team has been working in Sydney for many years.

Why is Window Cleaning Needed?

Once your renovation is complete, the place will be filthy. Any glass or windows that you have are likely to be covered by various residues. Most typical are dust, dirt, silicone, grease, paint specks, sawdust and other markings. It is best to remove these asap before they leave lasting residues or cause staining.

Glass needs special care when cleaning. Structures such as: the windows, glass balustrades, louvers, skylights and mirrors can easily be scratched or damaged. Professional window cleaners are recommended.

It is a good idea to cover the windows before commencing building works. A plastic covering is usually enough. Masking tape can help to fix the covering to the glass.

Glass Scratch Repairs

A scraping blade normally removes any paint or residues. Unfortunately it is quote common for an inexperienced window cleaner to damage the glass with light scratches. This can happen for a variety of reasons. The blade could be blunt or have jagged edges. It could be the wrong type of blade. Or, poor technique could be used. The debris can also be dragged across the glass causing scratches.

Replacing glass can be incredibly expensive. Considering that it is not just the glass itself but oftentimes the surrounding structures need to be removed or replaced. Thus the labor and replacement costs can be exorbitant.

We can recommend our choice contractor SWC Sydney Window Cleaning. They offer a comprehensive glass polishing and window scratch repair service.

Damaged window needing cleaning and repair

Glass Polishing

The glass polishing process involves grinding back the glass using sanding pads. Each pad is progressively finer. The final stage is to use a special polish and buffing pad to remove the last layer of haze.

Light glass scratches may only need a glass polish.


Light Mountain Finishes are contractors that value a quality result. Conscientious approach has kept us in business and grown our reputation. We value all stages of the process. From consultation and quoting to planning and execution to finishing works and clean up. We strive to be the best. Please contact us for a free quotation.