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Sydney Heritage House Painting and Restoration

Do you love living in Sydney? Most of us do, Sydney is a world-class city, a lifestyle and business capitol. Architecturally Sydney is a diverse patchwork of contemporary buildings juxtapose with historical constructions. This rich collage provides Sydney with an exciting vernacular that tells a story about its colourful history.

A part of this history are styles of Architecture that have emerged over the years. We see dotted throughout Sydney suburbs such as Paddington, Surry Hills and Woollahra, Georgian and Victorian styles of home reminiscent of Great British Architecture. In Pyrmont, Newtown and the Sydney CBD are various Federation and Edwardian styles of home.

These heritage homes and buildings are charming, alluring and popular amongst many Sydney-siders. Although well liked however, they do require maintenance, upkeep and even renovation to maintain their appeal. We at Light Mountain Finishes love heritage homes. We are experienced in restoration, painting and decorating such homes and commercial buildings. As experienced house painters in Sydney we understand that restoring heritage homes correctly is important and in doing so there are procedures and knowledge that needs to be followed.

Can you just begin painting a period house? Not always, often such dwellings require repair or thorough preparation work. This involves understanding the buildings materials and pinpointing the specific areas for repair. Using the correct tools is vital, paint may need to be stripped and a surface protection applied. Proper waterproofing and rustproofing may need to occur. Such buildings require care and respect so that all the Architectural features are preserved.

Being familiar with the style of building is important in understanding where colour should be accurately applied. We are skilled and experienced in Heritage Home restoration in Sydney. As expert painters and decorators we understand the process of restoration and the materials of such buildings. We possess the skill to produce a good quality paint finish. Call us for a complimentary quote or consultation. Or for further assistance speak to our qualified colour consultant and building designer. We care about your home and will provide the best result that you desire because we are the heritage home restoration specialists.

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