With the high demand for property, living in Bondi and the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney has become somewhat of a luxury. Houses and Apartments often need painting and decorating as part of building, maintaining, and renovating to meet the increasing need. There are many factors that draw people to the local area. For example, enjoying the mild Sydney weather, locals may go for a pleasant stroll along the Bondi to Bronte Coastal walk and admire the scenic views. Along the way relaxing at the quaint Tamarama or Coogee Beach. Perhaps finishing with an afternoon dip at Bondi Icebergs. Yes, being close to the Eastern Suburbs offers a great source of natural beauty, activities and convenience. No wonder it is such a popular place to reside.

Painters Bondi

Why use a Professional Painter and Decorator?

If you are a home owner in Bondi, Sydney, you want to make sure that your house is looking its best. You want to maximise its value in this property market and make it pleasant for occupants as well as prevent degradation. Bondi Painters and Decorators play a key role. Most consider having their house painted when desiring a change or when the need arises. Noteworthy is that painted areas may comprise up to 90% of the visible part of some properties! And so, painting and decorating your house can totally transform both its internal and external appearance. It can easily make a run-down old Bondi shack look like a brand new house! No wonder painters are in such high demand. Whilst Electricians, Plumbers and Carpenters all play a role, perhaps none are so visible as the work that a house Painter can do. And we know how much appearances count!

Painting and Decorating your house can totally transform both its internal and external appearance dramatically increasing value and livability.

Why Choose Light Mountain Finishes?

Selecting the right house painter is not an easy task. It is important to find a Professional Bondi Painting Company that places the priority on the quality of work. Light Mountain Finishes values workmanship. We believe that the end product should be of outstanding quality. We are more than a just a regular painting service but one that focuses on detailed finishes and Internal decorating. Trade Certified and Professional Painters vary greatly in their standard of work. We feel it is important to use the best materials and equipment. For any Painting and Decorating in Bondi, Sydney, you can trust the expertise of Light Mountain Finishes. We use brands of paint such as Dulux Weathershield, Wattyl and Taubmans. We use the Wagner brand paint brushes, sprayers and rollers. We have much trade knowledge that we are willing to share so that you can get the right idea on how to proceed with your Paintwork.

Painting BondiWhy use Quality Interior and Exterior House Paint?

It is important in areas like Bondi that are constantly exposed to the sea air. The choice of paint can make a big difference to the longevity of surfaces of your house such as painted walls or flooring and woodwork. The type of coating used goes a long way to protecting your toward protecting your home and preventing costly repairs down the track.

When selecting a Painter, experience is what counts. At Light Mountain Finishes we have over 15 years experience in residential painting and decorating in Sydney. We are your local Bondi Painters. Our works speak for themselves. Please see our photo gallery for some samples.

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